Troop Store

We have a Troop "Swap" store. Scouts and parents and scouts donate lightly used camping gear, Class A and B shirts, scout shorts, hiking shoes, and more. These are available for other parents and scouts to purchase at huge discounts compared to new products. All sales are donated to the Troop.

Inventory changes all the time. We typically bring the Troop Store to the meetings once per month, or you can contact the Troop Store Manager for current inventory and/or to swing by their house to pick up items.

Eagle Decorations

The Troop has a nice collection of Eagle Ceremony decorations. When your scout completes his Eagle rank and you are ready to celebrate, feel free to contact the Troop Store Manager for to borrow these decorations (no charge!). Also, by the way, troop leadership is willing and eager to help in whatever way we can to make your celebration a great success!