Wood Badge Training Dates

posted Feb 20, 2017, 4:20 PM by Jason Ball
Wood Badge is the premier adult training in Scouting.  Several of our adult leaders have completed Wood Badge training and would be happy to answer any questions you have about this course.

The first part of the Wood Badge course reflects unit meetings, while the second part of the course uses a unit camping activity as its delivery model.
See the bottom of this e-mail for the 5 central themes in Wood Badge.

wood badge classes

Wood Badge Five Central Themes
The themes that follow encapsulate the course content of Wood Badge for the Twenty-First Century.
Living the Values 
—Values, Mission, and Vision 
—Aims and Methods
Bringing the Vision to Life 
—Listening to Learn 
—Giving and Receiving Feedback 
—Valuing People and Leveraging Diversity 
—Coaching and Mentoring
Models for Success 
—Team Development Model 
—Situational Leadership
Tools of the Trade 
—Project Planning 
—Problem Solving 
—Managing Conflict 
—Assessing Team Performance 
—Managing Change 
—Celebrating Team Success
Leading to Make a Difference 
—Leaving a Legacy 
—Learning the Greatest Leadership Secret
Chris Kiger
ASM, Training Committee Chair