Urgent Update: Palo Duro Canyon Trip

posted Sep 1, 2017, 11:58 AM by Jason Ball
Troop 531,

I apologize upfront for instability in my decisions, but we are going to attempt the Palo Duro Canyon trip after all.  The interest in Ray Roberts was below what was needed, but more importantly the availability of gas looks to be better than feared.  According to the app GasBuddy, every town we pass through still has gas as updated within a few hours.  In addition, here is a link with an interview of the Texas Railroad Commissioner confirming there is nowhere near a gas shortage.

However, in view of not actually visiting the cities yet, we will take the precaution of filling my truck at the 1/2 tank point to insure that we have enough gas to return.  I'm pulling the trailer so will get the worst mileage of any of our vehicles.

I realize that this puts us all in a bit of a rush.  Consequently, we may not leave as early as hoped but we will still meet at 7 AM Saturday morning at St. Gabriel to load and leave as early as possible.

Grubmasters: If you are not going, please notify myself or Mr. Meyer and also contact another patrol member to act in your stead.  We need each patrol to be responsible for itself as much as possible.  It a patrol drops below 4 attendees, we will merge them with another patrol. Buy food tonight and bring it Saturday morning.

Our agenda for the weekend will be:
7am         Meet back up at St Gabes, patrol lines, etc
7:30am    We roll
11:30am  Lunch at Pilot stop
3pm         Arrive Palo Duro.
5pm         Mass at St Anns in Canyon (for those on campout who are Catholic)
                Short hike or other activity (for all others)
8pm         supper 
9pm         Star-gazing
10pm       lights out
7am         Wake up call
7:30am    Breakfast (quick, focus on light KP)
8:30am    hike #1.  Scouts on service on trail; preferably somewhere with a nice view of the canyon below
noon        Lunch  (those working on cooking MB to take portable camp stove on hike to have lunch on trail)
1pm         OPTIONAL trip to Amarillo museum, camp store for those interested
5pm         hike #2
8pm         Supper
9pm         Star-gazing, camp fire, and skits.  Camp fire TBD based on whether we have a burn ban
10pm       Lights out
7am         Wake up call
8am         Light breakfast
9am         Tents and trailer packed.
9:30am    We're rolling
Noon        Lunch in Childress Pilot truck stop
5pm         Arrive St Gabes

Pat LaCour