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Here are some additional details for those who are interested in volunteering and merit badge classes:
Each person needs to register on the event website.
Registration Link:   Click Here to Register
The team name is Troop 531 as a participant.
There is an option to buy an event T-shirt and I believe the cost is $25
You can also make an optional donation to Carry the Load if you’d like to do so
Per Mike, once you have completed the registration process it is possible to sign up for Merit Badges (more info below).
For those attending on Sunday – please bring a sack lunch, drink and water bottle.  As always please dress appropriate for the weather and don’t forget sun screen and bug spray.
Here’s a brief overview of some of the events that are available.  For a full listing please visit the following website:
Sunday –
9:00am – Meet at Home Depot (Intersection of Custer and Virginia Parkway)
10:00am-12:00pm:  Service Duties:  Set up Tribute Field of Flags (approx. 6,900), help with Camping Load-In, Base Camp Set-Up, etc.
12:00-1:00pm:  Lunch (please plan on bringing sack lunch & water bottle!)
1:00-3:00pm:  Service Duties, continue tent set-up & take it easy
3:30 – 4:00pm:  Opening Ceremony
4:00pm  to close – Base camp service cleanup 2 hour shifts with 4 to 6 scouts at a
4:00pm:  Dallas March Begins
  Please bring signed Blue Cards for all Merit Badges – Mike Howes is working on getting Blue Cards base on those who register.  Also please remember to print Merit Badge Worksheets
6:00pm:  Disability Awareness Merit Badge
9:00pm:  Safety Merit Badge & Fire Safety Merit Badges (same time – they’ll pick one of the two)
Monday –
9:00am:  Fingerprinting & Crime Prevention Merit Badges
9:00am – 12:30pm    Base camp service cleanup 2 hour shifts with 4 to 6 scouts at a time
12:30pm:  Closing Ceremony
There are service duties throughout, but we’ll cover some of that discussion Tuesday night.  Most of the time service duty is light for most boys, so they’ll enjoy the impactful Carry the Load scene.  There’s lots for the boys to see and do.   
I would still have the boys bring every money as there are vendors and there’s a merchandise tent for Carry the Load stuff, if they want it
Updated information from original email announcement:


Type of Announcement (i.e.   Camp/Service Project/Parents Meeting/ Fundraising Opp/Troop Informational)

Service Project - Carry The Load

Start Date of event

The Troop will depart from Home Depot (Intersection of Custer and Virginia Parkway) at 9:00am

End date (if more than 1 day)

Monday May 30th @ 12:16pm -- Troop Participation details to follow.  There is a Leader's meeting this Tuesday where more details will be made available.  We will send an update by this Wednesday

Adult In charge

Mike Howes

Adult contact details (email/cell)



Boy Scout Event Contact:  Glynn Smith - ksmith@mckinneyisd.net or 214-551-7331

For further info or questions

Contact Mike Howes

Scout in charge (if applicable)


Location of event/Meeting point

Reverchon Park and on the Katy Trail in Dallas. Address: 3505 Maple Ave, Dallas, Texas 75219 

- See more at: http://www.carrytheload.org/site/TR/2015/General?sid=1200&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=1460#sthash.ORhvNO21.dpuf

Cost of event- Person responsible for collecting funds

This is a charitable event.  There are no specific charges other than travel to and from the event. 

Specific equipment or Items to bring

Please dress for current weather conditions.  Weather permitting - normal hiking/walking attire.  We would like the Scouts and Uniformed Leaders to be in Class A (Scout Shorts are acceptable).  Please bring a water bottle, Snack, Sun Screen and Bug Spray.

Additional Details (i.e. signup location,  link to more details, age restrictions, uniform comments,  etc.)

To sign up for this event, please contact Mike Howes.  Mike will be providing additional details.  Please visit the event website:  

We have also included the presentation deck from last night’s leader’s meeting.  Pease feel free to contact Mike Howes for additional details or questions.
Troop 531