UPDATE: Backpacking Camp Out

posted Nov 16, 2016, 7:07 PM by Jason Ball
Troop 531,
For those going backpacking this weekend:
Schedule of events:
4:45 PM Friday - meet at the church to do a shakedown of our backpacking gear. We will also distribute any shared gear. Then we will return to our homes.
7:30 AM Saturday – Meet at church, brief drivers, and load up.
8:00 AM Saturday – Depart for McGee Creek Natural Scenic Recreation Area in OK. Roughly a 2 hour drive.
2:00 PM Sunday – Arrive at church. This is a rough estimate.
Bring a pan or container with which you can boil water. Don’t forget spoon, fork, or spork.
Prepare for cold. Estimated temperatures at last check: 30-50 degrees.
If anyone needs to borrow a backpack or other gear please contact Andy Hudson (andy.hudson@bankofamerica.com, 214-454-3780).