What to bring to Troop meeting on Monday for Oklahoma Water Sports Campout Inbo

posted May 6, 2018, 7:20 PM by Jason Ball   [ updated May 6, 2018, 7:21 PM ]

Thank you to all who signed up online for the campout this weekend, 5/11 - 5/13.  List of people that have signed up is in the email that was sent last night.  If you did not get it, please let j.bob.ball@gmail.com know and he will make sure you get it (still having some problems with gmail delivery).  

Payment is needed this Monday meeting, 5/7, because I will be buying our tickets and making 
arrangements for our whitewater slots first thing Tuesday morning.  If you did not sign up online from the 
link that Kevin Hascoat sent, then I do not have you as attending.  Questions?  please contact chriskiger@att.net

Please bring the following to the meeting:
    - Signed waiver for the water park https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/5a0a0f189f7f8/web/
       Mandatory for Adults and Scouts.  For the Group Event Code, type "Troop 531" without the " "
       Please use the Group Event Code so that they can easily find our waiver forms.
       Please print out or screen shot and bring to the meeting.
    - $77 in the form of a check.  This includes $66.50 for park admission and lunch plus $3.50 for campsite fee
       plus $7.00  for CiCi's buffet for Sat dinner.  Make check to Troop 531.  I will be paying CiCi all at once, instead
       of each person paying one at a time.  Dinner includes buffet and a drink.  I can take exact change, but will not have
       $3 change if  you bring $80 - please bring $77 exact change if you are bringing cash.
    - $10 cash for the drivers.  If you are going to be a passenger, please bring $10 so that we can pay the gas for 
      the driver's 6 hour round trip.  To be paid along with registration.  If you are a child of a confirmed driver or a driver, 
        then no need to pay.
    -  $10 cash (exact change) to be paid to grub master for Fri cracker barrel, Sat breakfast, and Sun breakfast.
        This food charge is for all Scouts and adults.  Please do not bring a $20 bill for gas and food, because it is going to 
        different people.

At the meeting when you bring your payment, I will confirm your swim test status.   As stated previously, all Scouts must be a "Swimmer" status in order to do the whitewater, stand up paddle board, and kayaking.  There are many, many other activities you can do if you are a "Beginner" or have not taken the swim test.

Please contact Chris Kiger at chriskiger@att.net or (214) 945-5522 if you have questions.

Chris Kiger