Troop 531 Mulch Sales 2017 - Delivery Day 3/25

posted Mar 24, 2017, 4:06 AM by Jason Ball
Good morning Troop. 

We had a fairly successful first mulch sales fundraiser. I am still working on final details, but we have almost 3000 bags of mulch coming in on 42 pallets that will be delivered sometime Friday. I think that's a great start, and KUDOS to the boys, and parents, that helped with this fundraiser. This will certainly help put some much needed funds back into the Troops account. 

I was hoping that the mulch would be delivered Thursday afternoon, but we did not make it on the trucks. We are still set for delivery to my house Friday, and I'll be calling first thing this morning to hopefully narrow down the time. Due to the status of the church parking lot and the renovation, as well as some other scouting conflicts that would not allow all mulch to be picked up Saturday before services, this is the best location and opportunity for this large of a delivery. 

Please plan to start picking up your mulch at 8AM Saturday Morning. I need to wrap up the last pickup on Saturday around 2pm due to a family activity, and I'm sure we could all use some rest, and ice by then. I committed to making myself available on Sunday for those with the scouting conflicts that I had contacted, and who had contacted me.  

Pickup Location is...
2212 Bradford Dr.
Prosper, TX. 75078

My contact number is - 972-712-2919

I have a large driveway, and plan to have the mulch placed behind my fence if possible. There should be room to back right up to the pallets. I do plan to be delivering our 1000+ bags of mulch on Saturday, and most likely roll into Sunday as well. So please contact me to work out the details for Sunday if needed. Keep my phone number handy to contact me to pick up additional mulch. My wife will also be assisting me with checking out the mulch you have ordered.  

Additionally, if you did not sell any mulch, but would like to come and help load trucks and trailers on Saturday.... The more the Merrier!!!! And I hope to see some of you here. This fundraiser should be adding a significant amount of funds to the troop, so we are all benefiting from this fundraiser. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, I will see you all on Saturday morning. 

Have a great day. 
Yours in Scouting,