Troop 531 Mulch Sales 2017

posted Jan 23, 2017, 12:42 PM by McKinney Troop   [ updated Jan 23, 2017, 12:59 PM ]
Hey Troop 531, are y'all ready to join the MULCH TRAIN??? 

It's finally time for our Troop to start the Mulch Sales Fundraiser. We are going to kick off Troop 531 Mulch Sales this year, and will be starting Monday 1/23/2017. I will be at the meeting to make an announcement and answer any questions. 

Scouts will sell Mulch individually, and the Scout will be responsible for delivering the mulch they sell (10bag minimum for free delivery. Orders of less than 10 bags will incur a $5 delivery fee)

All the Mulch will be in 2 cuft. bags and will be sold for $4.00 per bag, Payment will need to be collected at time of sale in either cash or check ( checks made payable to Troop 531). I will plan to be at all Monday meetings during the sales period to collect any money along the way, but please include the sales sheet (attached)  

We will be selling 3 types of mulch. 

1) Hardwood Mulch (Natural dark brown color, breaks down slowly)
     Native Hardwood Mulch is produced from the leaves, branches and logs landscapers and others bring to Living Earth. We double grind this material into a uniform, medium to dark brown mulch. Native Mulch is made with many types of trees and enriches planting beds with a diverse number of microbes.

2) Cedar Mulch (Natural reddish-brown color with pleasing aroma. repels pests, breaks down slowly, but faster than hardwood)
      Cedar Mulch is shredded and has a reddish-brown color and pleasing aroma. It contains cedar oil and therefore lasts longer than most mulch. Because Cedar Mulch has a fibrous texture, it tends to hold together on sloped surfaces. A native Texas recycled product, Cedar Mulch is reported to repel insects, decompose slowly and hold its color longer than cypress. It is one of the finest mulches on the market.

3) Black Mulch (this is a dyed mulch, very popular in many communities. The dark color highlights the plants above it)
       Black Color Mulch looks great under shrubs and trees. The dark color highlights the plants above it. As with other colored mulches, Black Color Mulch is a dyed product.

Sales dates will be:
January 23, 2017 and end March 15th. (I will need all money and order forms by 3/16/2017, or at the meeting on 3/13/2016) 

Due to spring break and cross over campout, delivery has been set up for March 24th. 
**** Our BIG Pickup/Delivery day will be on Saturday March 25th **** 

As of now, the discussions among the committee is that Troop 531 will received 20% of all fund raising. 

If there are any additional questions, please email me @ with the subject of "Mulch"  

From talking to other troops and baseball friends of ours that do this fundraiser, I believe this has the potential to be a big turning point for our troop in fundraising. This will help provide funds for the boys to go to their camps, as well as the troop.  

One of the Scoutmasters I talked to said... "MULCH SELLS ITSELF!!!" I think if we keep this in mind, all the boys will be successful, and make this an easy fundraiser.  

Click Here to download an example Excel form.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 
Thank you