Please register for Climbing Instructor Training next month

posted Sep 5, 2017, 4:19 AM by Jason Ball
Troop 531 ASMs,

We have done some fun climbing campouts with the troop.  Our ability to do these campouts is contingent upon the troop having certified climbing instructors. ALL of our instructor’s certifications have expired, so it’s time to make a push to get existing folks re-certified and bring in new instructors.  This training is fun, and you are fed
very well!!

The only pre-work is learning to tie several important knots – if you need help I know that Cody and Carlos will be happy to assist.  This training is the most interesting course I have ever done in Scouts – it involves knots, communication, teamwork, cool equipment, ropes, strategy, and ingenuity.  A lot of the info you learn here you will be able to use on regular campouts.
The Scouts voted on a Battle of the Patrols campout for this year.  This involves a tower climbing challenge which takes up most of the afternoon.  At this point we won’t be able to climb or rappel on the tower unless we have multiple certified people. See info on the training below.  At the very end is a link to click on for registration.  Please register in the next 2 weeks.  Call or e-mail me with questions.  Please let me know if you will be attending this training, which is Fri Oct 6 – Sun Oct 8.
Chris Kiger
(214) 945-5522
October 6, 2017

Climbing and Tower Training

Instructor Training and Recertification Courses

Instructor Trainings including Rock Climbing, Tower, and the Activity Center Tower Certification. Classes start at SR2 Tower.
Rock Climbing Instructor Course

Unlimited enrollment, preregistration required.
These classes are designed to certify adults to lead rock climbing and rappelling activities for single and multi-unit activities.Includes a Tower Certification Class that covers the SR2 Tower and the two towers at the NEW Longhorn Activity Center in Fort Worth.
The course is held Friday evening through Sunday on the dates listed on the flyer. Check in at the SR2 Tower (not at Hermit’s Cave) camping area at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch. The fee includes all meals from breakfast on Saturday to lunch on Sunday. Please bring something for a cracker-barrel Friday night. Plan to arrive early and be prepared to start class no later than 8:00 PM on Friday, as the course will begin promptly. We will try and dismiss by 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. You will not need to make a camp reservation. All registrations must be prepaid. After registering, participants will receive the course information and an outline of knots participants are expected to know on arrival for the class. As of 2015 the required course manual for climbing courses is BSA’s new Belay On, the new climbing/rappelling and COPE manual. It is only available for download.
Course Schedules

Tower Instructor courses and Re-Certs are held spring and fall at the SR2 Tower on  the Saturday that is in conjunction with the Rock Climbing Instructor training in April and October. Tower Instructor training is included in the full Rock Climbing Instructor course.
Rock Climbing Instructor Courses are held spring and fall at the at the SR2 Tower and at Hermits Cave on the 2nd full weekend in October and the 3rd full weekend in April. Check in is now at the SR2 Tower.
Course Registration

Course registration information is posted annually on the Council Activities Calendar.
Course Information Packets

Course information packets will be emailed to participants who are pre-registered. You MUST supply a legible email address on your registration form in order to receive a packet!
Climbing Course Manual – REQUIRED

As of 2015 the required course manual for climbing courses is BSA’s new Belay On, the new climbing/rappelling and COPE manual. It is only available for download.

Date From:            Date To:                 Location            Time

October 6, 2017    October 8, 2017    SR2 Tower         8:00 am-5:00 pm     Register