Need More Troop Flag Volunteers for 2017 Program!

posted Mar 27, 2017, 4:02 AM by Jason Ball
Update on flag signups....

So far, we have 3 adults and 8 scouts signed up for flags.  Huge thanks to those who have signed up so far.  However, we need more troop signups!  We are well short.

We need to cover a total of three routes to meet the troop goals of this fundraiser and continue on the awesome momentum from the income of our mulch program.  Without the extra committed signups, we will need to reduce routes we cover which will result in the reduction of our annual troop funding.  Let's not negate the gains that have been made from the mulch program by reducing our flag routes we commit to.  We need committed volunteers signed up by April 1 before we can commit to flag signups for 2017 with the Rotary club.

Reminder:  this is a mandatory program for all scouts in the troop to volunteer for at least one date.  If you have any questions on how this all works, please email me directly: or call me after work hours (after 6pm).  I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process, what a typical flag retrieval or delivery includes, etc.

Below is the original email that was sent out.

Thanks all!


Troop 531 Families,

We are once again raising money for Troop 531 by delivering and picking up flags for the Rotary Club of McKinney Sunrise (  We will be delivering and picking up flags for the following federal holidays:

Memorial Day
Flag Day
Independence Day
Labor Day (including 9/11)
Veterans Day
New scout families, this is your chance for you to show off your new flag skills that you will learn at Crossover Camp!  We use SignUpGenius to plan out the flag season.  Easy to sign up and see what slots are available and open for you to take!

Per flag holiday delivery or retrieval, we will need a total of:

5 Adults

10 Scouts

The signup link is found here:

Exact route assignments will happen approximately 1 week before the date of delivery of flags for that particular holiday.  This allows more flexibility in assigning adults and scouts to routes based on number of signups and experience level (younger scouts can learn from older scouts)