Mulch Sales Winding Down

posted Feb 27, 2017, 3:36 PM by Jason Ball
Good evening Scouts,  

I have heard some very positive responses about mulch sales, and have had a few questions. So I hope I can help hit them all. 

1)  "when could they start selling mulch." 
  Answer -- Mulch sales began when I sent the initial email Jan 23rd. If you missed that email, please contact me and I will re-forward it with all the pertinent information 

2) "Where are we getting our mulch?" 
Answer -- We are getting our Mulch from Jemasco out of Paris Texas. Several troops have been using Jemasco for years

3) "do we have fliers with pictures and to post online?"
  Answer -- Well, Sorry y'all, but that is a No.  I am not a graphic designer, or much of a computer person, and have never been in marketing. If I was, I might have newer and bigger toys. Haha!!!   Maybe next year someone with that experience can help the boys and the troop out with that. I've seen a really nice baseball flier from a friend of mine that sells for their baseball program. But they do have a marketing manger build that for them. 

4) "How do we figure out how much Mulch someone needs?
 Answer -- I meant to send out the answer to this a while ago, and I'm sorry I haven't, but I've been pretty busy. 
   --- for that, I found this website that me and CJ have been using when we sell if they don't already know how many bags they need.This calculator has been very accurate when we have worked with people who regularly do mulch, and has been within a couple bags when using the 2" option in the calculator. So I would highly recommend using this on your smart phone. Sorry, but we were not able to find an app that we liked

Anyway, A few final reminders.
Mulch sales ends Monday March 13th. I will be collecting all sales sheets, along with the cash and checks that night. I hope our treasurer is there to take all this to the bank that night :-)
 --- If you cannot make it to the meeting that night, please contact me to get your funds prior to me placing the order. 

Attached I am sending a form that all scouts will need to fill out and email me with their orders.
----  I would also like this form printed and turned in with all cash or checks. This can be turned in at any meeting, or during the final cutoff meeting on Monday March 13th. (This will help them be more accountable with data entry and accuracy. As well as allow me to not have to interpret their hand writing to avoid any errors in our final order) 

I hope everyone is working hard on this fundraiser. From sitting in on the end of the last Committee meeting, it sounds like our growing troop could really use this fundraiser to replenish and replace some well used equipment. And from my personal perspective, this has been a 'no-brainer' fund raiser. People love helping scouts, and they need mulch anyway. AND WE ARE DELIVERING!!!

Lets get out there and close out the last couple weeks of Mulch Sales strong. The Troop and your Scout Accounts will appreciate it. :-) 

Have a great week. 
Yours in Scouting,