Mulch 2021

posted Jan 28, 2021, 9:30 PM by McKinney Troop

Hello Scouts—As mentioned at this week’s meeting, our 2021 Mulch Fundraiser is beginning. This is a great fundraiser with potential to earn significant funds for scouts individually and for the Troop as a whole. We need all Scouts(and families) to participate to make this a success! Mark your calendars for March 27th as our Mulch Delivery Day. We will need all scouts and family helpers on deck!

If you have a neighborhood then you have a prime customer base! Parents, reach out to co-workers, local family, church and other networks. The FREE delivery of mulch is a big perk!

Please read the attached document in full as it contains all the necessary details.

Each scout needs to create his Account on
Those with a past account enter your USERNAME with Password: mulch2021
Previous year sales can be viewed in the “CALL LIST” tab. This is an easy way to reach out to former customers for repeat sales.
New accounts choose “SIGN UP” to create user name with Password: mulch2021

Please contact Korey Hudson with questions.

Additional information and a flyer can be found in the attached PDF.

McKinney Troop,
Jan 28, 2021, 9:30 PM