Kayaking Campout August 12 to 14

posted Aug 5, 2016, 10:29 AM by Jason Ball
Kayaking Campout August 12 to 14
Just one week away from a GREAT campout.  For all those attending the campout please see the below request for you to register for the campout.  I know you all have already signed up on paper at the meeting however I need to get a final count of which kayak, Tandem or Single, everyone is wanting and or is capable of handling. 
Everyone attending the Kayaking Campout needs to register.  Use the below link to complete a registration process.  Please complete this as soon as possible.

Make sure you attend next Monday’s meeting.  We will be going over Kayaking basics and safety.
For the Campout, we will be spending most of the day on the water Saturday so you need come prepared.  Some items you should pack for the Kayaking trip are listed below.
Items to take on the river in your Kayak

·        Wide Brimmed Hat

·        water shoes, sandals or old tennis shoes (no flip-flops)

·        cheap sunglasses with strap – kayaks do tip over so don’t bring expensive glasses.

·        swim suit or quick drying shorts

·        fast drying t-shirt – no cotton

·        sunscreen (put it on in the morning and throughout the day)

·        large water bottle or bladder plus

·        Way to secure items into your kayak – strong karabiner with para cord or small synch bag

·        (optional) - waterproof disposable camera 

Items we will bring to the river and leave in the cars for when we finish that day.

·        extra t-shirt (in Ziploc bag)

·        towel


Yours in Scouting,

Curtis Bagby
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 531