IMPORTANT: Recharter Information

posted Dec 3, 2017, 8:02 PM by Jason Ball
Troop 531,


It is recharter time again, when every person who wishes to remain in the Scouting program has to indicate that desire and pay the BSA dues.  We need your response to the Google docs survey enclosed by Wednesday, 12/6/2017, at Noon (2017 Recharter Survey Link).  If the form does not work in the previous sentence, please go to the bottom of this document and copy and paste the "Survey Link" into your browser window.


A change of Catholic Church youth safety rules has modified our stance on adult registration.  In the past, in order to get background checks on everyone who might be a driver for a campout, we required every adult to register with the BSA.  This is no longer required, and will be replaced with a $0 cost option of training and background checks by St. Gabriel.  More information will be available probably in January.  If you do not expect to participate regularly with the Troop as an adult, we no longer require you to register with the BSA.  All adult leaders who wish to regularly participate actively as an Assistant Scoutmaster or committee member will still need to register with the BSA.


This year, due to our financial situation, we are requiring all adults to pre-pay the annual dues, which is $33 per year now.  We can give you until the Court of Honor on December 18th to pay, but need your response to the Google doc survey more urgently.  Make checks payable to “Troop 531”.


Our financial situation is largely due to the lack of dues collection that arose from the challenging schedule of our previous Treasurer.  Each Scout’s dues are currently $100 per calendar year, and we allow the Scouts who crossed over in the year a grace of 2 quarters, so they owe $50 for the current calendar year.  Some Scouts and leaders also have delinquency from previous years.  You will need to speak with the Treasurer, Eniola Campbell, or Committee Chair, Pat LaCour, to find out what our records show as being due.


Thank you for your prompt attention.



Pat LaCour