Camp Out: Backpacking November 19-20

posted Nov 14, 2016, 7:11 AM by Jason Ball
Troop 531, I hope you are looking forward to a fun backpacking adventure. It will be November 19-20.
Rough schedule of events:
Friday - meet at the church to do a shakedown of our backpacking gear. Then return to our homes.
Saturday - Leave early in the morning for McGee Creek Natural Scenic Recreation Area.
Sunday - Return to church probably mid-afternoon.
Things to keep in mind when preparing:
- Pack light. This is just an overnight backpacking trip.
- Basic items to pack: sleeping bag, sleeping pad (if desired), mess kit, canteens, a couple pairs of socks, first aid kit (if desired), headlamp / flashlight.
- We will use the Troop's tents and stoves, divided up among the Scouts.
- Wear hiking boots/shoes.
- Only 1 change of clothes is needed if desired. Pack several pairs of socks.
- Bring a jacket, sweatshirt, long-sleeve shirt, or something else for warmth in case it gets cold.
- Avoid cotton clothing. Wear synthetic clothing, especially underwear. Use wool or synthetic socks - not cotton, and bring several pairs.
- There is no 'base camp'. Once we get to the park we will fill up water and hit the trail.
- There are water sources for us on the trail. We will use the Troop's water purifiers.
- Plan for 3 meals: Sat lunch, Sat dinner, Sun breakfast.
- Meals will be handled on an individual basis. So obtaining them will be up to each Scout.
- Consider what will be easy to make and cleanup when planning meals. Think food that needs little prep or only boiling water.
- Other optional items: survival kit, cordage/string.
- An inquisitive and adventurous spirit.
- Did I mention, pack several pairs of socks.
- Bring cash in case you stop on journey.
AIC, Andy Hudson