Camporee Specifics

posted Apr 4, 2016, 7:26 PM by McKinney Troop
Good Morning Troop -

Are you ready for Camporee?  Tonight, we will be preparing for this coming weekends campout in Princeton for Camporee, cost is 10.00 for food and 10.00 for District - 20.00 total.  We are again asking Scouts/Parents to sign-up electronically as the initial execution of this method provided an excellent mechanism for organization.  Please follow the link below to sign-up.  We will also be hosting several events so we will be asking for some volunteers at date of arrival.  This is a District event so we are awaiting a final agenda.  I would plan on leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday morning.  Princeton is only 40 minutes away from the Church.

Here is a current list of events:

 Archery – District (Terry Witt Lead)
 Orienteering Course – Troop 496
 Rope Making/Knots – Troop 2150
 Totin’ Chip – Troop 406 (Note: Totin’ Chip will be given out, if completed)
 Tomahawk Throw – Troop 531
 Rope Bridge – Troop 531
 Atlatl – Troop 123
 Fire Building / Fire Chit – Troop 294
 Working with Paracord – Troop 293
 Cardboard Dutch Oven – Troop 1167 (Will need to be at Scoutmaster’s meeting Friday night for more info)

Other Events:
 Dutch Oven Cook-Off (Saturday Night Dinner)
 Care Flight Helicopter
 Fire Department
 Campsite Judging
 K-9 Unit (Collin County)
 Camporee Service Project

Current weather looks like lot's of sun.

Don't forget we have the Order of the Arrow Call Out Ceremony after the district campfire on Saturday night