Camporee Details

posted Apr 15, 2018, 3:52 PM by McKinney Troop
Camporee is next weekend!  Time to shake the dust off the rope bridge and get ready to lash some A-frames to climb trees.  Sign-up sheets for Scouts and Adults will be at the Scoutmasters' table.  Additional details can be found on the District website:  Scouts and Adults must be signed up in order to get this year's coveted Camporee Patch!  AIM HIGHER!  This year the event will be held at the Chambersville Tree Farm at 7032 CR 971 Celina, TX 75009.  

Anyone wishing to attend Camporee must have Forms A & B on file.  Crossover Scout Parents, please confirm with Sabine Smith your Scout's forms are on file. 


Food:   $15 (to be given to your patrol grubmaster)
Camp:  $10 (to be given to Mr Hastcoat)
Please bring your money to the Troop Meeting tomorrow, be sure to bring $5 and $10 bills to avoid making change.


Senior Patrol to meet early in the church parking lot between 5:20-5:30pm Friday

Grubmasters meet in the church parking lot to get ice and food packed. 5:30pm Friday

Patrols are to meet in the church parking lot at 5:45pm Friday

Departure from St Gabriel at 6:30pm Friday

Estimated departure from Camporee ~9:30am Sunday

Parents - If your child has medication to be dispensed during the campout, it will need to go to the selected adult for distribution.  Please provide all medication in the original bottle for only the number of nights + 1 dosage (just in case).  Please also include written instructions for distribution.