Camp Card Sales: Kroger

posted Mar 24, 2016, 7:29 PM by McKinney Troop
Troop 531, 

Our next opportunity for communal sales is Friday, 3/25, from 6-8 PM at Kroger (Eldorado and Lake Forest).

Mr. Andy Hudson has 100 cards for anyone who wants to show up.  All sales will be evenly divided amongst the Scouts who are signed in, prorated for the amount of time you are there.  If you don't sign in, you weren't there, no matter how many cards you sell.

Parents are expected to remain with their Scout until assured that 2 deep leadership (adults and youth) is covered.  Scouts are expected in Class A uniforms.

If a Scout already has camp cards, they should leave them in the car or at home until the 100 cards are all sold.  If you sell all 100 and have time left, you can start using your own cards.  People without cards should leave at that time.  I do not expect that to happen because 100 cards is a large number.  A Scout who doesn't want to keep the cards they have can turn it in to Mr. Hudson.

All money collected and extra cards at 8 PM should be turned in to Mr. Hudson before you leave Kroger.

Please read the booth sales etiquette information below and be sure to thank everyone that speaks with you, whether they buy or not.

Pat LaCour 
(acting) Camp card coordinator