Archery Instructor Training Coming Up - our troop needs an archery instructor(s)

posted Mar 26, 2017, 7:50 PM by Jason Ball
When we have shooting sports campouts we are limited to rifle and shotgun.  We have certified personnel (thanks Don S and Pat L!) that are able
to operate a BSA shooting range and we have had some great shooting campouts.
Our Scouts would like to include archery in our repertoire of shooting sports, but we do not have anybody trained and certified to operate an archery range.
Please consider taking the upcoming archery instructor training.  Your son and their Scouting buddies will appreciate your effort to add a new twist to our
You don’t have to be proficient in archery to become certified to operate an archery range. This is not about you making a bullseye, it’s about you learning how to
run an archery range to allow our troop to have a safe and fun adventure.
Please let me know if you sign up for this training or have any questions.
Chris Kiger
(214) 542-9741