Adult Leader Opportunity

posted Apr 12, 2017, 7:44 PM by Jason Ball
Good evening Troop, 
We have an opportunity to add RSO's to our troop, but that requires training. This would allow us to be able to open up more ranges if there are leaders able to open the ranges, and we have the RSO's to support the range. Ultimately, less sitting around and boredom for the scouts.  
I have set up an RSO Class on May 6th (with possibly another class on 4/29 for those not able to attend May 6th)  This is a one day class. Below is a little information about this class. If you would like to attend, or need more information, please contact Mark Tackman @ with a subject of... RSO Training ... for further questions and how to sign up. You will need to be an NRA member. 

The Range Safety Officer Course is a 9 Hour course (The class is all day (0730 to 1750, with a break at lunch). The cost for the class is $75, with $50 paid at least 10 days before the class) The RSO course does not include a range day. 
The Range Safety Officer class is lecture and exercises, so we don't do the range at all for the RSO course

On the course payments: I need to have everyone pay the down payment of $50 for the RSO course, so I can buy the materials each one of you will receive for the course. You may pay the total amount of $75 for the RSO Course or just the down-payment by the down-payment due date. Please Note: I really do need the down payment by the evening of the 26th of April, in order to pay a reasonable cost for shipping. At the level of materials I order for these classes, 3 day shipping cost an EXTRA $100. 

The cost for the individual courses pay for the materials and the class itself. There is a small fee ($10) from the NRA for the RSO certifications, but you pay that online after the class. That fee also depends on whether you are already an instructor, and or already an NRA member, I will explain in the class.