2017 Medical Forms are Now Due

posted Jun 4, 2017, 4:23 PM by Jason Ball
Parents and Scouts,
This is a friendly reminder that Medical Forms are now due. I have attached another printout where everybody stands. Please find your name on this list and check your status. Unless you updated your forms after September 2016, if your forms carry a 2016 date, you can assume that they are expired and not valid for summer camp.
If your forms A, B and C are expired, your child will not be able to go to summer camp. Form C requires a doctor’s visit. Please schedule that ASAP.
My goal for the first group to depart to New Mexico is to have the packet with all valid forms ready to be handed over to Lanette Saetre on Monday, June the 12th.
Please be aware that if you choose to hand the forms to Lanette or another adult leader on the day of departure to summer camp, there is no guarantee that the forms will come back. As a minimum, please retain a copy of form C for your own records.
Please plan on giving me two copies, one for the permanent record troop box and one for the field box. Please don’t email me forms as I am unable to print them.
Here is the link to download the forms and a blank copy is also attached: https://sites.google.com/site/mckinneytroop531/downloads.
I will be at the troop meeting this Monday but will be participating in the YPT protection class, so please look for me if you have forms to hand in. I won’t be able to check them for accuracy, so if anything is missing, I will be contacting you during the week.
I will be working from home most of the week, you are also welcome to come by or mail the forms to Sabine Smith, 10209 Old Eagle River Lane, McKinney, TX 75070. Please don’t email me forms as I am unable to print them.
Please remember that the shot record section either needs to be filled out or a copy of the shot record needs to be attached. I also need a copy of the insurance card.
If you see any inconsistencies on the attached PDF file, as in: you turned it in and it should be up to date but the list doesn’t reflect it, please email me so I can check it right away. I don’t have my computer at the troop meetings and will be unable to check it then. I also won’t have the two boxes with me on Monday for the YPT training to take a look but I will be able to check it at home if I receive an email about it.
Sabine Smith
sabinemsmith@gmail.com or 254-768-9638.